47baa0df051df3d0-FileItem-81457-IMG_0481bAs a writer, I move between two different styles, which are essentially opposites of each other. I tend to let the seriousness of the subject, or the mood of the people in it, determine what’s right. There are occasions when I feel my job is to record, in the simplest form possible, the scene unfolding in front of me. It’s only when I remain on the outside of a scene that I have a chance of placing the reader at the centre. On the occasions where I do find myself being more immersive, writing what would be called Gonzo journalism, I try to do it quietly. I have no interest in sharing my opinions in the lines of the story. My opinions are evident enough through the stories I choose and the scenes I select.

I love writing dialogue. The manner in which people converse, the structure and rhythm of their sentences, the flavour of their words, tell a reader more about a person’s character than I could ever wish to. By demonstrating character through dialogue, I hope the reader can form their own opinions about the people in the story, rather than be led by mine.

I think humour can be a great tool for dealing the oppressively dark. Plus some shit is just funny.

You can also read my writing tips here Three Things Writers Should Start Doing and Make Your Writing Truly Interactive.


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