Freedom Tunnel art painted over

Homeless in New York

Was very sad to just stumble upon this short video doc about the Chris Pape’s artwork in the Freedom Tunnel. I was in the Freedom Tunnel regularly as part of the Bench Bugs: Portraits of Homeless New York project. I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner in the tunnel by some homeless people, and also slept there, so I got to see his artwork before Amtrak painted over it.

Homeless in New York


“Digging beneath the statistics and poverty, Emmins’ is a more than human portrait,” Dazed and Confused

“An absolutely fascinating book, a portrait of life on the streets of New York,” Robert Elms, the BBC

“A book that captured, without drama and urban myth, the reality of life on the streets,” Time Out

“Cutting edge reportage – Alan Emmins sees the world with such a fresh eye,” William Shaw

“Emmins’ portraits are tender and often shake his self-confidence to its core.” the Metro

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Homeless in New York

Homeless in New YorkHomeless in New York

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